Colic Signs, Remedies, and Why Our “Colic Schedule” Really Helps!

Is your baby’s crying “radioactive?” Do you suspect it may be colic? We sincerely hope that’s not the case for your baby because colic really sucks! But first know that many a baby’s cries present like colic when in fact it’s because of another reason (think growth spurts or gas!) and we hope your baby falls […]

Waaa-aaahhh! (wink, wink)

Baby Acting: The Fake Cough and The Fake Cry Babies can be surprisingly good actors!  Between five and seven months old, you might notice your baby fake coughing and even fake crying!  Of course, it’s worrisome at first but once you realize she’s acting (sometimes even laughing simultaneously), it’s really quite funny!  Why would your baby start […]

Why Is My Baby Crying?!?!

Your baby’s crying and crying.  And you can’t figure out why because there are SO MANY possible explanations! Trying to figure it out is just darn perplexing when you are a new parent. And even when you think you’ve got it figured out, you see another “sign” of some other cause and you start second-guessing your […]

“Pacifier Panic” by Eva Amurri Martino

By now, most of you know our co-founder, Amy Nadine, is also a celebrity makeup artist who has been lucky enough to work with a lot of the loveliest women. In 2010, she started working with Susan Sarandon and her exceptional daughter, Eva, whom you  know from NBC’s “Undateable” and Showtime’s “Californication.” Eight months ago, Eva became a […]