Are you suddenly asking yourself what in the world happened to your “practically perfect baby?” If out of the blue your baby turns grumpy, demanding, unusually hungry, and starts waking at night when she has been sleeping through…she might be experiencing a growth spurt. Here’s what you need to know about growth spurts so you […]

Why Teach Your Baby High Chair Manners Now? You want to be able to raise a polite child who will enjoy meals and mealtimes with your family, whether you’re at home or dining out. And it is much easier to train than to retrain babies once wrong behavior patterns have been established. Since you and your […]

Your baby’s crying and crying.  And you can’t figure out why because there are SO MANY possible explanations! Trying to figure it out is just darn perplexing when you are a new parent. And even when you think you’ve got it figured out, you see another “sign” of some other cause and you start second-guessing your […]

Babies don’t always cry when there’s something up.  Learn how to read the other signs your baby will exhibit so you can help him out: 1) Synchronized Leg Kicking = Gas In other words, he will pull his legs in together and then kick them out together.  When it’s uncoordinated leg kicking, it’s not gas; […]