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We read every single question you send us and we are so grateful for your support of PPB!

Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every one due simply to the volume of questions we now receive.

We believe, however, that the majority of the questions you have, we have addressed in the following posts:

PPB FAQ’s Answered!, Are You Doing 15-Minute Rule Right?, Napping No’No’s, Baby’s Nightcap, Troubleshooting Naps, Nursery Night One!, 15-Minute Rule, Crying Facts, Why Won’t My Baby Eat More Oz.?, Feeding Dilemma, Baby Growth Spurts, Why is My Baby Crying?!?!, Reading Your Baby’s Signs, Starting Scheduling Late

PPB-FAQ's (2)15-Minute-Rule-Right! 3Napping-Mistakes (2)Baby's-Nightcap (3)Troubleshooting-Naps-2 (1)Nursery-Night-One (2)15-minute-rulecry-out-loudMore-Ounces (3)The-Feeding-DilemmaGrowth-SpurtsWhy's-My-Baby-Crying (3)Reading-the-Baby-Signs (1)

Starting-Late (2)