It’s such an exciting first year for your baby’s development! New moments just keeps coming with each passing month! Find out what behaviors you can expect your little one to exhibit, month by month:

2-3 Months: Sleeping Through the Night!

With our schedules, your baby will start sleeping an eight hour stretch at 8 weeks old! So keep that goal in mind while you work through the first two schedules together.

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2 Months: Smiling!

After two months of providing almost round-the-clock care, her first smile feels like a big reward! Until now, you could always blame gas. But now there’s no mistaking your baby’s toothless grin, especially because she’ll be smiling back at you!

4 Months: Laughing!

By 4 months, you can look forward to the cutest sound you’ll ever hear — your baby’s laughter. And it’s easy to get the giggles going with peek-a-boo!

6 Months: Starting Solids!

Once your baby starts solid foods, both your worlds change big time! Now you are preparing, mashing, pureeing, and spoon-feeding on a daily basis and meals are a whole new game.

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7-9 Months: Sitting Up!

At this point, your baby will be able to sit up and sit alone. It is sure to make you feel like your baby is growing up so fast!

8 months: Crawling!

You’ll get plenty of exercise chasing your newly mobile baby around the house. By 9 months, most babies crawl using both hands and feet — though some babies never crawl, preferring to creep or wriggle instead. Now’s when all of the baby proofing you’ve done around your home actually pays off!

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9 Months: Waving!

Waving “bye-bye” is not just your baby’s latest adorable parlor trick — it’s also an expression of language. By 9 months most babies begin to make the connection between sounds, gestures, and meaning. They understand that waving is connected to the phrase “bye-bye.”

9-12 Months: Eating Finger Foods!

Just when spoon-feeding begins to lose its luster, babies are ready to feed themselves a little bit. Between 9-12 months, babies develop better control over their hands and fingers, making it easier to grab small objects — like finger foods!

11-12 Months: Standing!

By 12 months, most babies begin to stand briefly without support. They also take small steps while holding onto furniture or other objects, a.k.a. “cruising.”

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9-17 Months: Walking!

The ultimate of baby milestones is the day your baby takes her first real steps. But not all babies walk by their first birthday, so try not to worry too much about it. The normal range is anywhere from 9 to 17 months, so most babies take at least a few steps by about 13 months.

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11-12 Months: Talking!

There’s nothing like hearing your baby call your name for the first time, and it usually happens right around the one-year mark. By this time, most babies can say at least one word and actively try to imitate words they hear. She may very well start off by saying “Dada” way before “Mama” but they’re both totally worth the wait!


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