Crib Soothers

It can be controversial to use a crib soother because both “On Becoming Babywise” and “The Secrets of a Baby Whisperer” (books we love!) consider them to be sleep props – props meaning that using them makes your baby dependent on them to sleep and therefore you wouldn’t want to become dependent on them.  We […]

Pad Your Baby’s Crib!

When your baby is ready to stand up in his crib, make sure you’re ready too by getting his crib all decked out!  First thing you’ll need to do is to lower the mattress to its lowest setting.  And then you’ve got to get it padded up. Here’s how we suggest you pad your baby’s crib: […]

Your Baby’s 6 Crib Essentials!

Once you have purchased a crib, there are certain essentials you’ll need to acquire that will help to create a peaceful and safe crib setting for your baby, starting from night one. Remember not to put ANYTHING else in the crib with your baby for her first year — no blankets, no pillows, no stuffed […]

Your Baby’s Sleeping Milestones: Year One

When you put your baby on our schedules, you will essentially be sleep-training them from night one, so you should expect them to make certain sleeping milestones during their first year.  Your baby will start right off on a 2 1/2 or 3 hour schedule for round-the-clock feedings…then at week four, you will drop one […]