Some families choose to co-sleep with their baby, some choose to room-share, and some choose to use the nursery on night one. Which sleep situation will you choose for your baby?  In the world of parenting, we know this question can lead to contentious, heated, and emotional debate.  But it doesn’t matter because you’ve got to make […]

Sleep-Training Rule #1: Put your baby down for a nap while she’s still awake! Putting your baby down for her naps while she’s still awake is the best thing you can do for your baby’s sleep-training success!  Your baby will not learn to fall asleep on her own if you put her down while she’s […]

It is inevitable that at some point your baby will struggle with her nap schedule by waking early from her naps. If  your baby has already learned how to self-soothe, she may be suddenly waking early from her naps for one of these reasons: she’s going through a growth spurt, suffers from colic, has gas, […]

When your baby isn’t napping consistently, check to see if you’re committing one of our 10 biggest napping sins: #1: Putting your baby down for a nap when he’s already asleep.  This is the worst habit to get into for your baby’s naps!  Your baby won’t learn to fall asleep on his own if you […]