We think these names inspired by the winter woods are totally cool!

Baby Girl Names:

1. January

As in the winter month

2. Aspen

As in the winter tree

3. Winter

As in the season!

4. Robin

As in the winter bird

5. Neve

Meaning: Snow

6. Juniper

As in the winter berry

7. Demeter

As in the greek goddess responsible for winter

8. Lumi

Meaning: Snow

9. Hazel

As in the hazelnut tree

10. Berry

As in red berries

Baby Boy Names:

1. Douglas

As in the Douglas Fir Tree

2. Wren

A winter bird

3. Whittaker

Meaning: White Field

4. Robin

As in the winter bird

5. Ash

As in the tree and the ashes in a winter fire

6. Crane

As in the Sandhill cranes that return in the winter

7. Wolf

A winter animal

8. Fox

A winter Animal

9. Finch

A winter bird


As in the Fraser Fir Tree

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