Clearly, we have an obsession with retro style, but the following vintage baby names also have a charming, modern feel.  And some of their nicknames are really just adorable!


#1 Ward

Meaning: Gaurdian; Origin: English

#2 Mac 

Meaning: Son; Origin: Scottish

#3 Louis (Lou)

Meaning: Famed Warrior; Origin: German

#4 Walter (Walt)

Meaning: Army Ruler; Origin: English

#5 Graham

Meaning: From the Gray Homestead; Origin: English

#6 Alistair

Meaning: Defender of the People; Origin: Scottish

#7 Owen

Meaning: Desire Born; Origin: Welsh

#8 Norman (Norm)

Meaning: Man form the North; Origin: English

#9 Davis (Davey)

Meaning: Son of David; Origin: English

#10 Last Names as First Names

Examples: Carson, Crosby, Cooper, Curtis, Burke, Ford, Hamilton, Wilkes



#1 Alice (Allie)

Meaning: Of a Noble Kin; Origin: English

#2 Virginia (Ginny)

Meaning: Virginal, Pure; Origin: Latin

#3 Fern

Meaning: Fern (plant); Origin: English

#4 Clementine (Tiny or Teeny)

Meaning: Feminine Form of Clement; Origin: English

#5 Beatrix (Bea)

Meaning: Bringer of Joy; Origin: English

#6 June (Junie)

Meaning: Born in June; Origin: English

#7 Eugenie

Meaning: Wellborn; Origin: French

#8 Tabitha (Tabby)

Meaning: A Gazelle; Origin: Hebrew

#9 Bette (Betty)

Meaning: God s My Oath; Origin: American

#10 Florence (Flo)

Meaning: Prosperous, Flowering; Origin: Latin


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