OUCH! Whether he bites your shoulder, your arm, or your nipple (!!!), baby bites HURT!  There are two reasons why your practically perfect baby will bite you and one way to get him to stop:

Attention-Seeking Biting:

There’s no better way for your baby to get a definitive reaction out of you than by taking a big bite! And it could be that he is seeking individual attention that he may not be receiving somewhere else, like at daycare. When your baby is surrounded by a lot of other babies, it’s a natural reaction for him to want to separate himself from the pack.

Teething Biting:

Typically, around 10 months old, your baby will add to his collection of teeth and with that he may start biting. While he’s teething, the counter pressure he gets by sinking his gums into something hard can offer some relief for him. But even after the tooth has made its entrance, your baby may still enjoy biting whatever’s handy, including various parts of your body. While he’s fascinated by your reaction, don’t worry, his intention is not to hurt you.

Steps to Stop Baby Biting:

Nipping this habit in the bud before he becomes too fond of it is a must, especially before he has enough teeth to do a lot of damage! But making a big deal of a bite, by crying out in pain or scolding him strongly, may only encourage him to try again to see what you’ll do next. Try these 3 steps instead:

Step #1: Give a firm, no-nonsense, low-drama “NO BITING” and remove his teeth. And if he’s chomped down on your nipple, lean forward into the bite. This blocks his nasal airways so he’s forced to open his mouth to get a breath.

Step #2: Offer him something he can bite on — a pacifier, a teething toy, or a wet washcloth, for example.

Step #3: Change the scenery by getting up and walking around.

Be consistent with this routine and eventually your baby will get the picture and reserve his bites for inanimate objects — at least until he becomes a toddler, when biting may return with a vengeance!

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