Especially during the first two months, your baby will probably have a hard time staying awake during an entire feeding. When this happens and he stops sucking, you’ll want to try and help him wake up enough so he can finish.  Try one (or all!) of our 5 tricks to help wake (and keep) him up:

1. Change his diaper.

This change in activity is your best bet to get him to wake up.  The idea is to get up from the rocker, take off the swaddle and change him on his changing table so that by the time you’re back in the chair, he’s awake.  Even if he’s dry, take the swaddle and the diaper off and then put them back on!

2. Rub his back and underarm.

Using your fingertips, gently rub his spine up and down. Using your fingertips again, rub his underarm in little circles — you’re not tickling him, you’re just rubbing gently.

3. Trace his lips with the nipple.

Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, trace his lips with the nipple or your finger.  This can help remind him to suck.

4. Blow gently on his face.

This action of gently blowing on his face can help stir him because it’s hard for him to ignore it.

5. Pat a damp washcloth on his forehead.

Especially if your baby seems warm, patting a cool, wet washcloth on his forehead works well to wake him.

If you’re not successful in waking your baby up enough for him to continue feeding, move on and try again later!



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