Build a better babyhood with our blueprint for your family’s first year! 

If you’re a planner (and of course you are…you’re on our site!), you’ll want to get an idea of what you’re working so hard to build this year.  So take a look at the “specifications” and get them in place now:

#1: The Schedules

Look ahead to all of our schedules so you’re very familiar with what’s coming up next and what your whole year will look like.  This will really help you keep the goals in mind as you move from week to week:


#2: Get the Team in Place

Become Practical Parents by reading up on the whole process here:


#3: Lay the Foundation

Be prepared for the first three weeks because they are without a doubt the hardest:

First-3-Weeks (4)

#4: Plans for Sleep

Know how much sleep you can expect your baby to get, when:

Sleeping-Milestones (2)

#5: Crib Specifications

Know how to set up the perfect crib environment and when and how to adjust it:

crib-essentials-r1Crib-Ready-to-Stand (2)

#6: Proofs

Get your home all baby-proofed before your baby walks: