The Victorian era of British history was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 until her death in 1901. It was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities, and national self-confidence for Britain and therefore it produced some of the most jaunty and buoyant baby names! 

Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert, had 9 children together!

Baby Girl Names

1. Victoria

Meaning: Winner, Victorious; Origin: Latin

2. Matilda

Meaning: Strength in Battle; Origin: English

3. Charlotte (Lottie)

Meaning: Liberty, Freedom; Origin: English

4. Genevieve

Meaning: Woman of the People; Origin: French

5. Eudora

Meaning: Generous Gift; Origin: Greek

6. Flora

Meaning: Flower; Origin: Latin

7. Zadie

Meaning: Princess; Origin: English

8. Olive

Meaning: From the Olive Tree; Origin: English

9. Ada

Meaning: Noble; Origin: German

10. Ella

Meaning: Fairy Maiden; Origin: English

Baby Boy Names

1. Jasper

Meaning: Treasurer; Origin: Persian

2. Larkin

Meaning: Like a Lark, Fierce; Origin: Irish

3. Emmett

Meaning: Total, Collective; Origin: English

4. Augustus (Gus)

Meaning: Great Strength; Origin: Latin

5. Hugh

Meaning; Intellectual; Origin: German

6. Josiah

Meaning: God is the Savior; Origin: Hebrew

7. Silas

Meaning: Man of the Woods; Origin: Latin

8. Baxter

Meaning: Baker; Origin: English

9. Zachariah (Zack)

Meaning: God Remembers; Origin: Hebrew

10. Victor

Meaning: Winner, Victorious; Origin: Latin

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