We think these 1930’s baby names are “aces!” What do YOU think?

Baby Girl Names:

1. Rosemary

Meaning: rosemary herb; Origin: English

2. Fay/Faye

Meaning: Fairy; Origin: French

3. Sonja

Meaning: Wisdom; Origin: Scandinavian

4. Vera

Meaning: Faith; Origin: Russian

5. Bonnie

Meaning: Beautiful Girl; Origin: Scottish

6. Kate

Meaning: Pure; Origin: English

7. Marjorie

Meaning: Pearl; Origin: English

8. Gracie

Meaning: Grace; Origin: English

9. Anne

Meaning: Grace; Origin: Hebrew

10. Madge

Meaning: Pearl; Origin: English

Baby Boy Names:

1. Warner

Meaning: Army Guard; Origin: English

2. Hugh

Meaning: Bright in Mind; Origin: German

3. Wiley

Meaning: From the Tricky River; Origin: Scottish

4. Arliss

Meaning: Pledge; Origin: Hebrew

5. Lew

Meaning: Famous Warrior; Origin: English

6. Noah

Meaning: Rest; Origin: Hebrew

7. Clive

Meaning: Cliff Dweller; Origin: English

8. Monty

Meaning: Pointy Hill; Origin: French

9. Buck

Meaning: Male Deer; Origin: American

10. Reed/Reid

Meaning: Red-haired; Origin: English


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