We love a good last name-first name for babies! What do you think of our favorite surname-inspired baby names list? Is your baby named after a family name?

Baby Girl Names:

1. Kensington

Meaning: A borough of London; Origin: English

2. Anniston

Meaning: Anne’s Place; Origin: English

3. Cameron (Cammy)

Meaning: Crooked Nose; Origin: Scottish

4. Campbell (Cammy)

Meaning: Crooked Mouth; Origin: Scottish

5. Sloane

Meaning: Expedition; Origin: Irish

6. Jameson (Jamie)

Meaning: Child of James; Origin: English

7. Kennedy

Meaning: Misshapen Head; Origin: Irish

8. Sheridan

Meaning: Seeker; Origin: Irish

9. Carrington

Meaning: Marsh Town; Origin: English

10. Hadley

Meaning: From the Heather Field; Origin: English

Baby Boy Names:

1. Carson

Meaning: Christian; Origin: Irish

2. Yates

Meaning: Gate Dweller; Origin: English

3. Wells

Meaning: From the Well; Origin: English

4. Price

Meaning: Son of Rhys: Origin: Welsh

5. Mercer

Meaning: Merchant: Origin: French

6. Keaton

Meaning: Town of the Shed; Origin: English

7. Hayes

Meaning: Lives by the Hedge; Origin: English

8. Dawson

Meaning: Son of David; Origin: Welsh

9. Emerson

Meaning: Son of Emery; Origin: German

10. Briggs

Meaning: Bridge Dweller; Origin English

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