We think these “Under the Sea” baby names are first rate!

Baby Girl Names

1. Jordan

Meaning: Flowing Down; Origin: Hebrew

2. Cora

Meaning: Cora is another name for the Greek goddess Persephone; Origin: Greek

3. Andromeda

Meaning: Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia, and was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster until Perseus rescued her; Origin: Greek

4. Hali

Meaning: The Sea; Origin: Greek

5. Merritt

Meaning: Derived from Mary (“star of the sea”); Origin: Latin

6. Mamie

Meaning: Short form of Margaret (“star of the sea”); Origin: Greek

7. Daria

Meaning: The Sea; Origin: Persian

8. Maribel

Meaning: Blend of Mary (“star of the sea”) and Belle (French); Origin: Latin

9. Maris

Meaning: Of the Sea; Origin: Latin

10. Mitzi

Meaning: Pet name for Mary “star of the sea”; Origin: Latin

Baby Boy Names

1. Murray

Meaning: Settlement by the Sea; Origin: Scottish

2. Adrian

Meaning: Of the Adriatic Sea; Origin: Italian

3. Caspian

Meaning: Of the Caspian Sea; Origin: Nordic

4. Hurley

Meaning: Sea Tide; Origin: Irish

5. Kai

Meaning: The Sea; Origin; Hawaiin

6. Marino

Meaning:  Of the Sea; Origin: Latin

7. Sewell

Meaning: Sea Strong; Origin: English

8. Bo

Meaning: Wave; Origin: Chinese

9. Ronan

Meaning: Little Seal: Origin: Irish

10. Morrissey (Morris)

Meaning: Sea Taboo; Origin: Irish