Babies don’t always cry when there’s something up.  Learn how to read the other signs your baby will exhibit so you can help him out:

1) Synchronized Leg Kicking = Gas

In other words, he will pull his legs in together and then kick them out together.  When it’s uncoordinated leg kicking, it’s not gas; it’s more likely that he’s tired (see below).

2) “Snake Tongue” = Gas

If he’s pulling his tongue in and out of his mouth like a little snake, he probably has gas pain as well.

Read up on the other signs of gas and how to get your baby some relief: Baby Gas


3) Staring Off Into Space = Overstimulated

You’ve probably seen it in your baby – that blank stare.  It means he’s become overstimulated by his environment somehow and he needs your help coming back to earth before he gets really unhappy.

Learn the other signs of overstimulation in babies: Overstimulated Baby

Overstimulated (1)

4) Pursing Lips = Hungry

5) Arching Back = Hungry

6) Sucking Fingers = Hungry

7) Curling Tongue = Hungry

Hunger signs can be hard to differentiate from the other signs in that the differences are so slight — like he’ll curl his tongue when he’s hungry but stick  his tongue in and out like a snake when he has gas. Or he’ll suck his fingers when he’s hungry, but suck on his tongue when he’s self-soothing. So noting these slight differences will help you figure out what’s really going on.

With regard to hunger in your baby, remember that when you’re using our schedules with regularity and consistency, your baby’s metabolism will be regulated so that he’s only really hungry at feeding times!  And because you will be feeding your baby as soon as nap time is over, your baby won’t have to experience hunger for long. Practical parents, therefore, will experience signs other than hunger in their babies, much more often.

Read up on the importance of putting your baby on our schedules: Why Use PPB Schedules?


8) Uncoordinated Kicking = Tired

9) Opening & Closing Eyes = Tired

10) Yawning = Tired

11) Moving from Side-to-Side = Tired

A tired baby will also cry, of course, and while these signs may seem obvious, there are so many different signs in your baby that it can quickly get overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to count on the obvious signs being, well, obvious!

Regarding tired babies, luckily a huge benefit of scheduling your baby is that your baby learns to get tired on schedule! And he is therefore less likely to become overtired – which is a particularly nasty state for your baby to be allowed to experience and much harder to reverse.

Read all about the signs of an overtired baby, here: Overtired Baby

Overtired (3)


12) Lip is Quivering = Cold

13) Shivering = Cold

14) Clamminess/Sweatiness = Hot

These signs might also seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised how “Baby Brain” can make you start to question your ability to discern anything anymore!  

It falls to you to regulate the temperatures for your baby.  Learn how, here: Baby Temperatures

Temperature-Post (1)


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