It’s Yuppie-ville revisited with our favorite preppy baby names!

Baby Girl Names:

1. Greer or Grier

Meaning: Watchful; Origin: Scottish

2. Ryan

Meaning: Royal; Origin: Irish

3. Charlotte

Meaning: Free; Origin: French

4. Caroline

Meaning: Beautiful Woman; Origin: French

5. Ainsley

Meaning: Meadow; Origin: Scottish

6. Cricket

Meaning: Cricket; Origin: American

7. India

Meaning: From the River Indus; Origin: English

8. Poppy

Meaning: Flower; Origin: Latin

9. Zoe

Meaning: Life; Origin: Greek


Meaning: From the Fortress; Origin: Irish

Baby Boy Names:

1. Sterling

Meaning: Starling; Origin: English

2. Brewer

Meaning: Brewer; Origin: English

3. Piper

Meaning: Flute Player; Origin: English

4. Shepherd (Shep)

Meaning: Sheep Herder; Origin: English

5. Chip

Meaning: Form of Charles; Origin: English

6. Fielding

Meaning: From the Field; Origin: English

7. Fenner

Meaning: From the Marsh; Origin: German

8. Todd

Meaning: Fox; Origin: English

9. Ames

Meaning: Friend; Origin: French

10. Baker

Meaning: Baker; Origin: English

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