The Jacobean Age was the period of visual and literary arts during the reign of James I of England (1603–25). Its names are surprisingly modern but are also very reminiscent of the preceding and following eras (Elizabethan and Caroline Eras). 

Baby Girl Names:

1. Susanna

Meaning: Lily: Origin: Hebrew

2. Regan

Meaning: Little Royal; Origin: Celtic

3. Francis (Frankie!)

Meaning: From France; Origin: Latin

4. Rebecka

Meaning: Snarer; Origin: Hebrew

5. Miranda

Meaning: Marvelous; Origin: Latin

6. Cordelia

Meaning: Heart; Origin: English

7. Sophia

Meaning: Wisdom; Origin: Greek

8. Mary

Meaning: Bitter; Origin: Hebrew

9. Anne

Meaning: Gracious; Origin: Hebrew

10. Margaret

Meaning: Pearl; Origin: English

Baby Boy Names:

1. Bradford

Meaning: From the Broad River; Origin: English

2. Fletcher

Meaning: Arrow Maker; Origin: English

3. Hudson

Meaning: Son of Hudd Family; Origin: English

4. Hunt

Meaning: One Who Hunts; Origin: English

5. Duncan

Meaning: Warrior; Origin: Scottish

6. Guy 

Meaning: Wood; Origin: German

7. Johannes

Meaning: God is Grace; Origin: German

8. Nathaniel

Meaning: God’s Gift; Origin: Hebrew

9. Malcolm

Meaning: Disciple of St. Columba; Origin: Scottish

10. Jacob (!)

Meaning: From James or “Holder of the Heel;” Origin: Hebrew


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