Learn how to become a practical parent by STARTING HERE:

1. First read our Why Use the PPB Schedules?, How to Retro Parent Todayand The Practically Perfect Baby Story and then decide if this parenting approach is the right fit for you and your growing family.  If it is…welcome to our growing family too!  We’re so excited for you to become a practical parent!  

Read PPB Baby Blueprint and PPB Parent Plan:1st 3 Weeks to get a feel for what you and your partner are in store for!

2. Print out 2 copies of the PPB Schedules based on your baby’s current age in weeks.  Put one copy on your refrigerator.  Put the other copy somewhere convenient and cute in your baby’s nursery (put it on a bulletin board or write it on a whiteboard).  If you are starting your baby late, read  our Starting Late post for advice on which schedule to use and tips on making the transition.

3. Read The Feeding Dilemma and choose one of the following feeding methods:


4. Print out several copies of Your Baby’s Scheduling Logs put them on a clipboard so you can start tracking your baby’s schedule right away.

5. Read Crying Facts to get yourself and your partner mentally prepared and excited to use Sleep Training Must: the 15-Minute Rule.  Plus read Swaddling because it will become your baby’s sleep-saver!

6. Make sure your baby’s nursery is all set up by reading Crib Essentials and Nursery Organization Must-Haves — then read Nursery Starting Night One! and get ready to start off right, right away!

7. Read Baby Places and get all your gear out and ready.

8. Read and purchase all your Baby Travel Gear.

9. Read Playtime Activities and make sure you’re all set for some “awake” time.

10. Read Baby Bath Time and prepare for some fun in the tub.

11. Read PPB FAQ’s, Troubleshooting Naps, and 10 Napping No-No’s to make you an expert about your baby’s nap time.

12. Read End the Parent-to-Parent Shamefest! to remind yourself that we’re all in this crazy, beautiful thing together.

13. Get out the baby album, camera and video camera so you don’t forget to capture it all.

14. Breathe, take it all in, keep focused, work at being a teammate to your partner, and above all else… ENJOY!


P.S. Print out these two important lists if you haven’t brought home your baby yet:

The PPB “All You’ll Need” Baby Registry List

Hospital Stay Packing List