In our family, we have a long-standing tradition of reading the “Declaration of Independence” aloud every year at our family barbecue. We print it out off the internet and mark it into 8 or 9 sections. Then we let friends and family decide on which “paragraphs” they’d like to read and let them start pre-reading it to prepare. When it’s time, the readers line up in a semi-circle, ready to read, and all others sit down, ready to listen. The “next generation” is prime for it — make tweens read it all!  Tell them there is no bigger honor and to take it seriously — or start by example and let the oldest generation take the first turn.

Aside from being an incredible history lesson (who knew how many atrocities King George III committed against our colonists!?), everyone in the family ends up having to learn how to enunciate words too (like “usurpation”).  But really more than any other reason, the reading keeps the focus on why we’re all celebrating and starts your little one on the path to appreciating this great country we live in.  And of course that’s really the whole point of celebrating!  Be grateful, be safe, and be happy to be American!

We’re wishing you and your practically perfect baby the happiest, healthiest, and safest Independence Day!


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