The Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales are dark and often don’t end very happily—but they’re always interesting and the names inspired by their characters are definitely magical and timeless!

Baby Girl Names:

1. Estella 

From “Puss in Boots”

2. Ivana

From “Puss in Boots”

3. Kai

From “The Snow Queen”

4. Cleo

From “Pinnochio”

5. Willow

From “The Willow Wren”

6. Maleen

From “Maid Maleen”

7. Hazel

From “The Hazel Branch”

8. Rose

From “The Rose”

9. Briar-Rose

From “Little Briar-Rose”

10. Elsie

From “Clever Elsie”

Baby Boy Names:

1. Finn

From “The Snow Queen”

2. Wren 

From “The Willow Wren

3. John

From “Faithful John”

4. Red

From “The Little Red Cap”

5. Hans

From “Clever Hans”

6. Taylor

From “The Valiant Little Tailor”

7. Fitch

From “Fitcher’s Bird”

8. Roland

From “Sweetheart Roland”

9. Wolf

From “The Wolf and the Fox”

10. Joseph 

From “Saint Joseph in the Forest”


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