These are the 15 things we think you need to get ready before bringing home your practically perfect baby:

1. Arrange to get your rugs professionally cleaned, your air conditioning filters cleaned, and your comforter dry cleaned!

2. Clean your home or have housekeepers come clean it.

3. Print out two copies of our schedule for your baby’s first 3 weeks and put 1 in the nursery and 1 on the fridge.

PPB Schedule: Birth-3 Weeks, Get All Our Schedules


4. Purchase what you’ll need for your baby’s feedings.

Breastfeeding Post, Formula Feeding Post, Combination-Feeding Post, The Feeding Dilemma

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5. Print out our scheduling logs and put them on a clipboard, in the nursery.

Scheduling Logs, Use Scheduling Logs!


6. Organize the nursery.

Nursery Organization Must-Haves Post

nursery-must-haves1 (1)

7. Organize the changing table.

Changing Table Essentials Post


8. Prepare the crib.

Feather the Nest Post


9. Get all ready for bath time.

Baby Bath Post

fun in the tub-teaser

10. Clean the refrigerator and freezer.

11. Build your baby’s first library.

Baby Storytime Post


12. Buy eco-friendly cleaning products & baby-friendly detergent and fabric softener.

13. Prepare for activity time in your home.

Activity Time Post

playtime activities art

14. Set-up baby places in each room.

Baby Places Post

Get in Gear-teaser

15. Make your baby’s blueprint for the first year.

Baby Blueprint Post

Baby-Blueprint (1)