Are you so over pureeing? Totally sick of washing bottles? Done with dishpan hands? Exhausted by the endless loads of laundry? Welcome to parenthood’s boring, little secret: the mundane tasks repeat and repeat and repeat.

It’s not like you’re feeling any less blessed by the joys of parenting, it’s just that the monotony can be, well, SO monotonous — and that can really bog you down.  So we’re sharing with you our best meditations & tips to help you find the hidden joys in the mundane:


1. This too shall pass.

2. Know patience and know peace.

3. There is beauty in simplicity.

4. There is peace in repetition.

5. This task is love.


1. Play music in your home.

Skip the television for background noise. Whatever music puts you in a good mood, should be playing in your home on a daily basis. If you’re in your kitchen, consider putting a radio or iPod speakers on one of your counters. Or turn your tv to a music channel you like.


2. Light candles.

And by “light candles” we mean your favorite candles that transport you! So splurge…go to the mall and buy a seasonal scent at Yankee Candle or some of these elegant soy wax candles from Jordan Carlyle.  Put them on your kitchen window sill or by the sink so you can enjoy them when you’re performing such mundane tasks as washing bottles, doing dishes, or making purees.

3.Delegate one of your chores to your partner for one week.

It’s just one week, after all! Sometimes you just need a break. But you both may also find that the new delegation of that chore belongs to the right partner!

4. Watch your favorite TV during some of the feedings.

If you’re sick of being confined to the nursery for every feeding, every time, change up the scenery. There’s a reason soap operas became popular with stay-at-home moms! Nowadays, there is so much good television you can watch on your own schedule. Mix up your routine and don’t feel guilty about catching up on some boob-tube!

5. Keep up with our Scheduling Logs!

Do you know if your baby pooped yet today? Our scheduling logs help you know that answer when you’re living through what seems like one looooong day (not a week)! Be consistent with it and before you know it you’ll be putting it away in a keepsake box and wondering where the time went.



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