1. Decorate the nursery too!

But just a little bit goes a long way…a wreath, a holiday sign, or even a message on the whiteboard in his nursery is sure to signal to your baby that there’s something special going on.

2. Observe old traditions and start some new ones.

You’ve probably been dreaming about what you would do for the holidays when you had your own baby and now you get to actually experience and enjoy every minute of it, so in addition to the old ones, make sure to start some new traditions that are all your own.

3. Adjust the schedule.

Try to maintain the schedule whenever possible during the holidays, but know when to let it go a little too. For example, grandparents who don’t see their grandchildren often may want to plan activities when your baby typically would be napping or during the time of day when your baby tends to be cranky. So choose your battles by adjusting the schedule when you have to and then catching  your baby up as soon as you can. The holidays will be over soon enough and you can get back to the regular routine then.

4. Keep your baby from getting overtired or overstimulated.

It will be a wonderful but completely overstimulating and overtiring time for your baby. It’s priceless that so many people want to give your baby attention, but there is quite certainly a price to be paid for it: an overstimulated baby. And with so much disruption to your baby’s schedule, he’s bound to get overtired on top of it all! So learn the signs of both and how to help your baby through: Overstimulated BabyOvertired Baby

Overstimulated (1)Overtired (3)

5. For your baby’s presents: think quality over quantity!

Let’s face it: your baby would prefer a tissue box over almost any new toy out there.  So make sure to get him what he really needs and what he’ll actually like this year.  And let your family know your baby’s wish list too!  We’ve compiled for you our list of perfect baby presents: PPB Holiday Gift Guide



Happy holidays to you and your practically perfect baby!