5 Reasons Why You Should Use PPB Schedules for Your Baby: #1: Good Sleep for Your Baby We didn’t invent the scheduling wheel here — we’ve modernized it to make it much more parent-friendly and comprehensive for you and your baby to use in today’s world.  Why you should sleep-train your baby from night one […]

Read and print all our schedules for your baby’s whole first year below: Phase I PPB Schedule: Birth-3 Weeks PPB Schedule: 4-7 Weeks PPB Schedule: 8-12 Weeks Phase II PPB Schedule: 13-16 Weeks PPB Schedule: 17-26 Weeks Phase III PPB Schedule: 27-36 Weeks PPB Schedule: 37-46 Weeks PPB Schedule: 47-52 Weeks And don’t forget to […]

Here at PPB, we’re thrilled to have heard from so many of you about how well our schedules are going and we couldn’t be more excited that you’ve joined our “practical parenting” movement! We’ve also gotten a taste of the things you’re totally sick of hearing from those parents around you that are parenting differently. We totally […]

Welcome to Phase III! Click HERE to download and print two copies of our Baby Schedule: 27 to 36 Weeks.  Put a copy on your fridge and a copy in the nursery. The goals: *teach your baby how the world of adult meals work. *ease your baby into eating solid foods during mealtimes. *pull the highchair up […]