There are always going to be some differences in how each daycare center operates. Some are much more interested in keeping all of the kids on the same schedule and they’re not going to worry as much about your baby’s individual needs. But others can be totally accommodating. Here are 5 ways you can help […]

The PPB Parent Plan for the First 3 Weeks: 1. Become a practical parenting dream team. You won’t be as successful during the first 3 weeks if the two of you aren’t on the same page. Read our How to Become a Practical Parent post together and get psyched to knock-out this parenting thing as […]

Click HERE to download and print our Birth to Three Weeks Baby Schedule twice: put a copy on your fridge and a copy in the nursery. The goals: regulate your newborn’s metabolism and sleep rhythm by creating a routine of FEEDING, PLAYING, then NAPPING — always in that order.  Do not hesitate to wake your […]

As a practical parent, you’ll need to build-in a ton of baby playtime activities to your baby’s schedule.  But in the first few months, oftentimes your baby’s “awake” time is nothing more than being outside of her crib.  Even if she’s sleeping anywhere other than in her crib, it counts as playtime!  The goal is […]