What do you think of our favorite baby names inspired by nature? Baby Girl Names: 1. Honey Meaning: Honey; Origin: English 2. Daisy Meaning: Daisy Flower; Origin: American 3. Fern Meaning: Fern Plant; Origin: English 4. Fleur Meaning: Flower; Origin: French 5. Garnet Meaning: Gem Name; Origin: French 6. Hazel Meaning: Hazel Tree; Origin: English […]

Our Favorite and TIMELY Royal Baby Names for YOUR little prince or princess! Baby Girl Names: 1. Alexandria Meaning: Defender of Men; Origin: Greek 2. Anne Meaning: Grace; Origin: French 3. Antoinette Meaning: One Who is Priceless; Origin: French 4. Charlotte Meaning: Free; Origin: English 5. Elizabeth Meaning: Pledged to God; Origin: Hebrew 6. Diana […]

We’re starstruck by these astronomically-inspired baby names! Baby Girl Names: 1. Aurora Meaning: Goddess of the Dawn; Origin: Latin; Starry Meaning: Aurora Borealis 2. Bianca Meaning: White; Origin: Italian; Starry Meaning: Small Moon of Uranus 3. Cassiopeia (Cassie) Meaning: Unknown; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A Constellation 4. Cressida Meaning: Gold; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A […]

The Victorian era of British history was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 until her death in 1901. It was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities, and national self-confidence for Britain and therefore it produced some of the most jaunty and buoyant baby names!  Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert, had 9 children together! Baby Girl Names […]