We think these “Under the Sea” baby names are first rate! Baby Girl Names 1. Jordan Meaning: Flowing Down; Origin: Hebrew 2. Cora Meaning: Cora is another name for the Greek goddess Persephone; Origin: Greek 3. Andromeda Meaning: Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia, and was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to […]

It’s Yuppie-ville revisited with our favorite preppy baby names! Baby Girl Names: 1. Greer or Grier Meaning: Watchful; Origin: Scottish 2. Ryan Meaning: Royal; Origin: Irish 3. Charlotte Meaning: Free; Origin: French 4. Caroline Meaning: Beautiful Woman; Origin: French 5. Ainsley Meaning: Meadow; Origin: Scottish 6. Cricket Meaning: Cricket; Origin: American 7. India Meaning: From […]

We think these names inspired by the winter woods are totally cool! Baby Girl Names: 1. January As in the winter month 2. Aspen As in the winter tree 3. Winter As in the season! 4. Robin As in the winter bird 5. Neve Meaning: Snow 6. Juniper As in the winter berry 7. Demeter […]

It’s always special to name your baby after a destination that you love or that you will surely travel to! Baby Girl Names: 1. Brooklyn City Name 2. London City Name 3. Carolina State Name from North or South Carolina 4. Catalina From Catalina Island, California 5. India Country Name 6. Virginia State Name 7. […]