There’s nothing groovier than a seventies baby name, man! Here are our favorites: Girls: 1. Jill 2. Pamela 3. Stacy 4. Janet 5. Dawn 6. Tara 7. Veronica 8. Jacqueline (Jackie) 9. Sabrina 10. Mandy Boys: 1. Mickey 2. Bruce 3. Jack 4. Clifford (Cliff) 5. Dean 6. Nathaniel (Nat) 7. Bradley (Brad) 8. Xavier […]

Clearly, we have an obsession with retro style, but the following vintage baby names also have a charming, modern feel.  And some of their nicknames are really just adorable! BOY NAMES #1 Ward Meaning: Gaurdian; Origin: English #2 Mac  Meaning: Son; Origin: Scottish #3 Louis (Lou) Meaning: Famed Warrior; Origin: German #4 Walter (Walt) Meaning: […]

We think these Halloween-inspired baby names are much more delightful than frightful! What do you think? Baby Girl Names 1. Autumn As in the season of Halloween! 2. Eve As in “All Hallow’s Eve” 3. Glenda As in the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz” 4. Rosemary As in “Rosemary’s Baby” 5. Wednesday As […]

We think these “Under the Sea” baby names are first rate! Baby Girl Names 1. Jordan Meaning: Flowing Down; Origin: Hebrew 2. Cora Meaning: Cora is another name for the Greek goddess Persephone; Origin: Greek 3. Andromeda Meaning: Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia, and was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to […]