We think these Halloween-inspired baby names are much more delightful than frightful! What do you think? Baby Girl Names 1. Autumn As in the season of Halloween! 2. Eve As in “All Hallow’s Eve” 3. Glenda As in the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz” 4. Rosemary As in “Rosemary’s Baby” 5. Wednesday As […]

We think these names inspired by the winter woods are totally cool! Baby Girl Names: 1. January As in the winter month 2. Aspen As in the winter tree 3. Winter As in the season! 4. Robin As in the winter bird 5. Neve Meaning: Snow 6. Juniper As in the winter berry 7. Demeter […]

We love a good last name-first name for babies! What do you think of our favorite surname-inspired baby names list? Is your baby named after a family name? Baby Girl Names: 1. Kensington Meaning: A borough of London; Origin: English 2. Anniston Meaning: Anne’s Place; Origin: English 3. Cameron (Cammy) Meaning: Crooked Nose; Origin: Scottish 4. […]

There’s nothing groovier than a seventies baby name, man! Here are our favorites: Girls: 1. Jill 2. Pamela 3. Stacy 4. Janet 5. Dawn 6. Tara 7. Veronica 8. Jacqueline (Jackie) 9. Sabrina 10. Mandy Boys: 1. Mickey 2. Bruce 3. Jack 4. Clifford (Cliff) 5. Dean 6. Nathaniel (Nat) 7. Bradley (Brad) 8. Xavier […]