ANY OF THESE SCENARIOS SOUND FAMILIAR? Scenario A: You’ve put your baby on our schedules BUT your sister-in-law tells you all the reasons why it’s better if you let the baby dictate her own schedule. Scenario B: You’re using our 15-Minute Rule BUT your best friend says letting your baby cry for any amount of time […]

These are the 15 things we think you need to get ready before bringing home your practically perfect baby: 1. Arrange to get your rugs professionally cleaned, your air conditioning filters cleaned, and your comforter dry cleaned! 2. Clean your home or have housekeepers come clean it. 3. Print out two copies of our schedule […]

Are you so over pureeing? Totally sick of washing bottles? Done with dishpan hands? Exhausted by the endless loads of laundry? Welcome to parenthood’s boring, little secret: the mundane tasks repeat and repeat and repeat. It’s not like you’re feeling any less blessed by the joys of parenting, it’s just that the monotony can be, well, […]

Print this list HERE!  If you will be staying any length of time in a hospital during your delivery, we consider these essentials to be must-haves for a more comfortable stay and they will get you and your family off on the right foot. Pack as if you will be staying 2-3 nights because you […]