These are the 15 things we think you need to get ready before bringing home your practically perfect baby: 1. Arrange to get your rugs professionally cleaned, your air conditioning filters cleaned, and your comforter dry cleaned! 2. Clean your home or have housekeepers come clean it. 3. Print out two copies of our schedule […]

The Right Baby Temperatures… Can you believe how many million little decisions you have to make for your baby?  Among them is deciding the safest and most comfortable temperatures that he experiences.  Whether he’s sleeping, eating, or just enjoying a bath, it falls to you to regulate his temperature so that he’s as comfy, cozy, […]

Baby, it’s cold outside and when you’re stuck inside your home with your baby, you’re both sure to get a case of cabin fever! But you can turn that around and create a totally enjoyable time indoors with your baby, using our 5 tips: 1. Build a fire. If you’re lucky enough to have a […]

Are you maintaining some amount of normalcy amidst the chaos of bringing your new little stranger into your home or have you abandoned your old lives together completely? You wouldn’t be the first couple to admit to a little marriage neglect once baby comes. And of course it’s normal. But now that you’re reading this, […]