Are you going to bring home your baby smack-dab in the middle of the summer heat? Odds are you’ll be spending the last weeks of your pregnancy sitting in front of a blasting AC unit and wishing you were floating constantly in a cool pool.  There are actually perks to having a baby during the […]

Looking for ways to help your baby have a retro kind of summer like you had? With a baby, it’s not like you can just make them play outside and tell them to come home when it gets dark. So here are our 10 fave ways to get the good ol’ fashioned fun started with […]

ANY OF THESE SCENARIOS SOUND FAMILIAR? Scenario A: You’ve put your baby on our schedules BUT your sister-in-law tells you all the reasons why it’s better if you let the baby dictate her own schedule. Scenario B: You’re using our 15-Minute Rule BUT your best friend says letting your baby cry for any amount of time […]

These are the 15 things we think you need to get ready before bringing home your practically perfect baby: 1. Arrange to get your rugs professionally cleaned, your air conditioning filters cleaned, and your comforter dry cleaned! 2. Clean your home or have housekeepers come clean it. 3. Print out two copies of our schedule […]