You’re following our schedule to a tee, but you’re stressing out about how to get your baby to drink up the amount of ounces we have suggested.  We say 6-8 ounces, but your baby is drinking no more than 4-5 oz. at any feeding.  You ask yourself, is this normal?  The answer is yes, it’s […]

Especially during the first two months, your baby will probably have a hard time staying awake during an entire feeding. When this happens and he stops sucking, you’ll want to try and help him wake up enough so he can finish.  Try one (or all!) of our 5 tricks to help wake (and keep) him […]

How will you feed your baby? You’re going to have to choose a method (or a combination) of delivering food to your baby and sometimes it can be quite a difficult choice.  There’s an amazing amount of pressure out there about which technique is best for babies and you can also face that pressure from […]

First of all, should you choose to bottle feed with formula, you’re going to get an earful from the “breast is best” community on why you should reconsider for the sake of your baby’s health.  We believe shaming parents for any reason is totally unacceptable and you shouldn’t shame yourself either for any decision you […]