Click HERE to download and print our Birth to Three Weeks Baby Schedule twice: put a copy on your fridge and a copy in the nursery.

The goals: regulate your newborn’s metabolism and sleep rhythm by creating a routine of FEEDING, PLAYING, then NAPPING — always in that order.  Do not hesitate to wake your baby up at the end of the nap time for his feeding.  Read How to Become a Practical Parent, The 15-Minute Rule, Swaddling, Crib Essentials, Crib Soothers, Nursery Organization Must-Haves and Crying Facts to help you get started.  And print out several copies of Your Baby’s Scheduling Logs to start tracking right from the start.

This is a beautiful but exhausting time for you and your family.  Keep the faith!  You will be dropping a feeding during the next schedule so you’re fast on your way to creating a “rock star” sleeper.