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As a former teacher, I know how important it is to write down the goings-on of the scheduled day.  I taught middle and high school, so I had four to five one-hour blocks of students a day and repeated the same lesson to each block.  That’s a lot like a baby’s schedule:  you deliver the program, deal with unexpected issues that arise, and repeat.  A form of tracking what you do when, in the first year of your baby’s life is just smart.  And it’s really a sanity-saver!  I can remember thinking so many times “Did my son poop yet today?” or “Where am I in his schedule?”  Having completed, baby scheduling logs on hand answers those questions for you, helps you stay on track, and saves you from having to think too much when you’re experiencing major “baby-brain.”

Start to record your baby’s feedings, eliminations, and nap times in the hospital.  And your partner can record the feedings he does too – which will be extremely helpful, especially when he does a middle-of-the-night feeding while you sleep because then you can read what happened when you do the next one. Leave cute, encouraging notes to each other!  Anyone else taking over a feeding can use and record in the log as well – it’s a special thing to look back and see grandpa or grandma’s initials.

Print out several copies of our Baby Scheduling Logs and put them on a clipboard or print them back-to-back, hole punch and put them in a small binder.  Just make sure to use something, keep it in the nursery and use it consistently – we promise you, it will make the first months of parenting so much easier!


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