* Because our schedules allow you to delight in a baby who peacefully sleeps through the night (every night) in his own crib, in his own room.

* Because our schedules mean you can count on having a baby who mostly giggles and rarely screams; who can self-soothe and self-play.

* Because our schedules allow you to enjoy a happy, playful, peaceful family life, devoid of the marital problems that too often occur as a result of other types of parenting styles.

* Because our schedules allow you to possess the confidence, as a brand new parent, of knowing, more often than not, what your baby needs, when he needs it.

* Because our schedules allow you to revel in the knowledge that you’re giving your baby a restful babyhood, in which he can optimally learn and grow and thrive!


So how do our schedules allow you and your baby to do all this???


1) Our schedules create good sleep for your baby.

We totally believe every baby needs good, consistent sleep, just like everyone else does.  How is she supposed to function well during the day when she experiences erratic, unpredictable sleep at night?  You don’t…do you?  Putting your baby on a schedule right away is the key to creating a “rock star” sleeper and it’s entirely possible and totally beneficial for your baby. Think about this: pediatric nurses at the hospital put babies on a schedule, why wouldn’t parents continue this practice at home? And we’re not talking about letting your baby cry-it-out all night long or some rigid schedule that doesn’t allow for flexibility.  There is nothing cruel, dangerous, or militant about sleep training starting on night one!  And there’s no reason to wait to start.  Your baby doesn’t need a fourth trimester…she joined this world ready to learn how to live and thrive in it!

Showing you the techniques and products that will teach your baby how to sleep on his own (and sleep well!) on an every nap/every night basis is one of Practically Perfect Baby’s most important missions.  After all, we teach toddlers how to behave; we teach children how to read, why would we not teach our babies anything?  During your baby’s first year, it is your job to teach your baby how to eat, play, nap, and sleep through the night because he won’t learn how to do any of these things well on his own (at least not for a year or two)!  We’re talking about regulating your baby’s metabolism, setting his body clock, and creating his overall health and happiness.  You can’t afford not to teach him!  Your baby, even if he’s colicky, is completely capable of sleeping through the night at around eight weeks old, so why wouldn’t you want to help him achieve this?  Nobody wants to be responsible for an overtired, cranky, sleep-deprived baby.  You want to know what your baby needs and when.  And because you are your baby’s first and most important teacher, we want to help you become an expert on fulfilling his needs.

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2) Our schedules allow for good sleep for you, too.

Imagine not sleeping well for a year…or TWO!?  Ask yourself: what kind of parent will lack of sleep turn you into?  And how could you possibly be a good spouse; let alone a good friend, employee, boss, or sibling when you’re consistently getting bad sleep?  How could it be in any way healthy for your body, soul, or mind? The truth is you can sleep well during the first year of your baby’s life and so can your partner.  In fact, you could both even sleep better than before your baby arrived.  Yes, you read that right…better.  The bottom-line: you want to be the best parent you can be and becoming sleep-deprived only hinders you (and your partner) from becoming one.

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3) Our schedules are good for your marriage/partnership.

When you bring your baby home to live with you, he is joining your family, not taking it over and holding it hostage!  The single best way to achieve a harmonious household and to maintain a joyful marriage is to put your baby in his crib, in his own nursery, and on a schedule starting on his first night at home.  You’ll have a monitor and you’ll probably go blind and/or deaf from staring at it, but you absolutely do not want to have your baby physically sleep in your bed (remember, it’s the “marriage bed,” not the “family bed!”) or in your room.  And no, it’s not necessary or more convenient if you’re breastfeeding to co-sleep!  Set your alarm, get up, walk to the nursery, and feed your baby in there.  Take turns with your partner feeding the baby during the first few weeks by using bottled breast milk that you pumped.

No matter what method you choose to feed your baby, it’s best to let one person sleep while the other is doing a feeding.  And remember, if you’re using Practically Perfect Baby’s schedules, you’ll all be enjoying a longer night sleep-stretch as soon as four weeks.  So, it’s up to the two of you to become a team and to support each other, during those first few crazy, beautiful weeks.  Always remind each other that you’re working toward this lofty, but totally achievable goal:  with our schedules, everyone will be sleeping through the night as soon as possible!

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4) Our schedules build a good foundation.

You have to think about what the ultimate goals for your baby are and start off trying to achieve them from the get-go.  So, for example, if the ultimate goal is to have your baby eventually sleeping in his own room every night, why would you start off any differently?  Do you want your toddler to go through the traumatic experience of being kicked out of the “family bed” after teaching him to need it?  You have to teach your baby how to sleep independently, how and when to feed, how to self-soothe, and how to self-play right away, because it WILL NOT happen by accident.  In other words, you have to show your baby how to become an independent member of the world outside of the womb as soon as he’s out of the womb!

You can’t create a confident, peaceful, playful, joyful baby with an inconsistent, unpredictable, and unreliable schedule.  You may get lucky, but who wants to chance it?  After all, this is all about your baby’s overall health and happiness and letting your brand new baby dictate when, where and how he will sleep, play, and eat is the fastest and surest way to create a cranky, confused, overtired, overly needy, and unhappy baby.  We believe it is your job to direct, to teach, and to stabilize your baby’s world right from the start with a good, consistent, scheduled home-life.

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