Try out the 3 baby burping key positions to ensure your baby learns how to get a good burp out after his feedings.  Once he is good at getting a burp out, it makes his activity and nap time much easier on him (and you!).  The problem is you’ll find out quickly that it’s not always easy to achieve at first.  But every baby seems to burp best using one of the following methods so don’t fret…try them all out.  Your baby’s bound to have great success with one of them very soon!

#1: Shoulder Burping

Lifting your baby up to your shoulder and gently patting him on the back is the classic burp position.  Make sure to use a burp rag (cloth diapers are great for this) because you will likely get spit-up on a little bit.

#2: Sit-Up Burping

The key to this position is to lift your baby’s head up, using your hand (as shown), while patting his back and THEN to sit him up as straight as possible by lifting him up under his arms — you’re trying to create an up and down motion so keep repeating the two steps until you achieve the burp.

#3: Across-the-Lap Burping

Pressure on your baby’s belly helps him get a good burp up and out.  Keep one hand under his chin to keep his head up, while gently patting his back with your other hand.