We’re starstruck by these astronomically-inspired baby names!

Baby Girl Names:

1. Aurora

Meaning: Goddess of the Dawn; Origin: Latin; Starry Meaning: Aurora Borealis

2. Bianca

Meaning: White; Origin: Italian; Starry Meaning: Small Moon of Uranus

3. Cassiopeia (Cassie)

Meaning: Unknown; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A Constellation

4. Cressida

Meaning: Gold; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A Moon of Uranus

5. Juliet

Meaning: Youthful; Origin: French; Starry Meaning: A Moon of Uranus

6. Halley

Meaning: Heroine; Origin: Scandanaavian; Starry Meaning: Halley’s Comet

7. Ophelia

Meaning: One Who Helps; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A Small Moon of Uranus

8. Phoebe

Meaning: Bright, Radiant; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A Moon of Saturn

9. Portia

Meaning: Doorway; Origin: Latin; Starry Meaning: A Large Moon of Uranus

10. Titania

Meaning: Giant, Great; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: The Largest Moon of Uranus

Baby Boy Names:

1. Archer (Archie)

Meaning: Bowman; Origin: English; Starry Meaning: Sagittarius Constellation

2. Cosmo

Meaning: Order; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: Relating to the Universe

3. Galileo

Meaning: From Galilee; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: Italian Astronomer

4. Hunter

Meaning: One Who Hunts; Origin: English; Starry Meaning: Orion Constellation

5. Holmes

Meaning: From the Isle; Origin: English; Starry Meaning: A Comet

6. Jupiter

Meaning: Roman god; Origin: Roman; Starry Meaning: The Largest of the Planets

7. Oberon

Meaning: Bear-like; Origin: German; Starry Meaning: A Satellite of Uranus

8. Pluto

Meaning: Wealth; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: A Dwarf Planet

9. Phoenix

Meaning: Dark Red; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: Small Constellation

10. Sirius

Meaning: Burning Star; Origin: Greek; Starry Meaning: Brightest Star in the Sky

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