These baby names were gleaned from good ol’ southern exposure! Particularly, we were inspired by the “Golden Girls,” Harper Lee’s southern novel “To Kill a Mockingbird;” and the classic movies “Giant,” and (of course!) “Gone With the Wind.”

Baby Girl Names:

1. Delta

Meaning: 4th Letter of the Greek Alphabet & Mouth of a River; Origin: Greek

2. Blanche

Meaning: White; Origin: French

3. Leslie

Meaning: Joy; Origin: English

4. Harper

Meaning: Harp Player; Origin: English

5. Henrietta

Meaning: Home Ruler; Origin: English

6. Magnolia

Meaning: Flower Name; Origin: French

7. Lyla

Meaning: Night: Origin: Arabic

8. Tallulah

Meaning: Leaping Water; Origin: Native American

9. Savannah

Meaning: Grassy Plain; Origin: Native American

10. Luella

Meaning: Warrior Fairy; Origin: American

Baby Boy Names:

1. Beau

Meaning: Handsome; Origin: French

2. Winfield

Meaning: From the Field of Wina; Origin: English

3. Brooks

Meaning: From the Brook; Origin: English

4. Fielding

Meaning: From the Field; Origin: English

5. Atticus

Meaning: From Attica; Origin: English

6. Kipling

Meaning: From Cuppel’s People; Origin: English

7. Owen

Meaning: Well-Born; Origin: Welsh

8. Jett

Meaning: Black Mineral ; Origin: English

9. Rhett

Meaning: Counsel, Advice; Origin: English

10. Wren

Meaning: English Bird; Origin: English