Our Favorite and TIMELY Royal Baby Names for YOUR little prince or princess!

Baby Girl Names:

1. Alexandria

Meaning: Defender of Men; Origin: Greek

2. Anne

Meaning: Grace; Origin: French

3. Antoinette

Meaning: One Who is Priceless; Origin: French

4. Charlotte

Meaning: Free; Origin: English

5. Elizabeth

Meaning: Pledged to God; Origin: Hebrew

6. Diana

Meaning: Divine; Origin: Greek

7. Grace

Meaning: Charm; Origin: English

8. Katherine

Meaning: Pure; Origin: Greek

9. Margaret

Meaning: Pearl; Origin: Greek

10. Victoria

Meaning: Winner, Victorious; Origin: Latin

Baby Boy Names:

1. Amir

Meaning: Prince; Origin: African

2. Alastair

Meaning: Defender of Men; Origin: Scottish

3. Alexander

Meaning: Defender of Men; Origin: Greek

4. Alcott

Meaning: Cottage Dweller; Origin: English

5. Charleston

Meaning: Charles Town; Origin: English

6. George

Meaning: Farmer; Origin: Greek

7. James

Meaning: Supplanter; Origin: Hebrew

8. Louis

Meaning: Famed Warrior; Origin: German

9. Riordan

Meaning: Royal Poet; Origin: Gaelic

10. Tibalt

Meaning: People’s Prince; Origin: Greek


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