Because more than one study has shown a connection between certain objects placed in your baby’s crib and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), we believe that you should completely avoid them for the whole first year of your baby’s life. This means — no blankets, no pillows, no stuffed animals, and no regular bumper!  

After your baby turns one, you can use them all. But until then, all that you should ever place in the crib is your baby, in her swaddle (until she’s able to roll over), on her back, with her pacifier (if you’re letting her use one).

The 4 things never to place in your baby’s crib the first year because of their risk of SIDS, due to possibly obstructing your baby’s breathing:

1. Non-Breathable Bumper

Buy a breathable bumper instead! It will help you rest easier knowing it’s safer too. It’s just a year! There’s plenty of time to use a regular bumper after that.

Our favorite:


2. Blankets

Wait to use those cute blankets you’ve surely been given as gifts already! Lay it over your rocker instead and use it when you’re feeding your baby in it.

See our post on swaddling and when and how to use a wearable blanket instead, here.

Halo Sleepsack’s Wearable Blanket

wearable blanket

3. Pillows

Your baby doesn’t need a pillow! She should always be placed on her back sans pillow.

4. Stuffed Animals

You can buy cute and creative stuffed animal storage units instead to display them in the nursery!

Our favorite:

Other rules: Some studies have also shown other ways to prevent SIDS may include keeping your baby’s nursery temperature cool and suggest that you buy an brand new and organic crib mattress.

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