What do you think of our favorite baby names inspired by nature?

Baby Girl Names:

1. Honey

Meaning: Honey; Origin: English

2. Daisy

Meaning: Daisy Flower; Origin: American

3. Fern

Meaning: Fern Plant; Origin: English

4. Fleur

Meaning: Flower; Origin: French

5. Garnet

Meaning: Gem Name; Origin: French

6. Hazel

Meaning: Hazel Tree; Origin: English

7. Iris

Meaning: Rainbow; Origin: Greek

8. Laurel

Meaning: Laurel Tree; Origin: English

9. Luna

Meaning: Moon; Origin: Italian

10. Terra

Meaning: Land; Origin: Latin

Baby Boy Names:

1. Birch:

Meaning: Birch Tree; Origin: English

2. Cypress

Meaning: Cypress Tree; Origin: English

3. Dogwood

Meaning: Dogwood Tree; Origin: English

4. Everest

Meaning: Tall Mountain; Origin: English

5. Glenwood

Meaning: Field of Wood; Origin: English

6. Grove

Meaning: Grove of Trees; Origin: English

7. Orion

Meaning: Mountain Dweller; Origin: Greek

8. Ridge

Meaning: Edge/Cliff; Origin: English

9. Storm

Meaning: Storm; Origin: American

10. Wolfe

Meaning: Wolf; Origin: English

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