We think these retro baby girl names are “made in the shade!”

Baby Girl Names

1. Bettina (Betty)

Meaning: God is My Oath; Origin: Italian

2. Linda (Lulu)

Meaning: Pretty One; Origin: Spanish

3. Peggy

Meaning: Pearl; Origin: English

4. Bonnie

Meaning: Pretty Girl; Origin: English

5. Ginny

Meaning: Form of Virginia (Virginal, Pure); Origin: English

6. Jo

Meaning: Nickname for Names Starting with JO; Origin: English

7. Sue

Meaning: Lily; Origin: English

8. Marion

Meaning: From the Sea; Origin: Hebrew

9. Lucille (Lucy)

Meaning: Light; Origin: French

10. Natalie

Meaning: Born on Christmas Day; Origin: French


It’s easy to “go ape” over these hip baby boy names:

Baby Boy Names

1. Bingham (Bing)

Meaning: Homestead of the Hollow; Origin: English

2. Gordon (Gordy)

Meaning: Great Hill; Origin: Scottish

3. Vander (Van)

Meaning: Good Man; Origin: Greek

4. Gene

Meaning: Well Born, Noble; Origin: Greek

5. Roy

Meaning: Red; Origin: French

6. Curtis

Meaning: Courtly, Courteous; Origin: Latin

7. Clark

Meaning: Clerk; Origin: English

8. Desi

Meaning: Desired One; Origin: Spanish

9. Glenn

Meaning: Of the Valley; Origin: Scottish

10: Cesar

Meaning: Head of Hair; Origin: Latin

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