It could be said that Edwardian Britain belonged to another age — another world — wherein abundance and privilege lead Oscar Wilde to write about it: “Nothing succeeds like excess.” But the Edwardians fostered a deep love of nature too.  And the combination lead to some of the most beautiful baby names!

Baby Girl Names

1. Primose

Meaning: First Rose; Origin: English

2. Queenie

Meaning: Queen; Origin: English

3. Iris

Meaning: Rainbow; Origin: Greek

4. Ivy

Meaning: Climbing Vine Plant; Origin: English

5. Audra

Meaning: Noble Strength; Origin: English

6. Rosalind

Meaning: Pretty Rose; Origin: English

7. Louisa

Meaning: Famed Warrior; Origin: English

8. Cordelia

Meaning: Daughter of the Seas; Origin: Celtic

9. Winifred (Winnie)

Meaning: Peacemaker; Origin: English

10. Gwendoline (Gwen)

Meaning: Blessed White Ring; Origin: Welsh

Baby Boy Names

1. Edward

Meaning: Guardian of Wealth; Origin: English

2. Oscar

Meaning: Lover of Deer; Origin: English

3. Percy

Meaning: Pierce Valley; French

4. Cecil

Meaning: Modest; Origin: English

5. Horace

Meaning: Man of Time; Origin: Latin

6. Gareth

Meaning: Gentle; Origin: Welsh

7. Wilfred

Meaning: Wills Peace; Origin: English

8. Roland

Meaning: Landowner; Origin: English

9. Winston

Meaning: From a Wine Town; Origin: English

10. Montague (Monte)

Meaning: From the Pointy Hill; Origin: French


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