Why Scheduling Will Work Beautifully for YOUR Baby!

It’s scheduling that allows you to delight in a baby who peacefully sleeps through the night (every night) in her own crib, in her own room. Scheduling means you can count on having a baby who mostly giggles and rarely screams; who can self-soothe and self-play. Scheduling allows you to enjoy a happy, playful, peaceful […]

Why Our Logs Make All the Difference!

When you decide to schedule your baby, you’re going to need a way to keep your new life organized and our scheduling logs will really make all the difference for you. Don’t think of yourselves just as parents, but as teachers too — you’re just running a classroom of one! You need to stay on […]


Here are our 10 most frequently asked questions, answered for you! 1. “I heard ‘Crying-It-Out’ (CIO) is dangerous for a baby.  Is this true?” This is completely false. CIO gets a very bad rap, namely by Dr. Sears and his attachment community. He built his entire parenting movement on the premise that you should never […]

Getting a Late Start Scheduling and Sleep Training Your Baby

Sleep coach and postpartum doula, Shannon Hernandez, offers her expertise for getting a late start scheduling and sleep-training your baby, using our Practically Perfect Baby Schedules.  It’s Never Too Late to Start Getting Better Family Sleep! Having spent the last twelve years of my life up-close and personal in the homes of everyday parents who […]