Finding the Joy in Mundane Tasks

Are you so over pureeing? Totally sick of washing bottles? Done with dishpan hands? Exhausted by the endless loads of laundry? Welcome to parenthood’s boring, little secret: the mundane tasks repeat and repeat and repeat. It’s not like you’re feeling any less blessed by the joys of parenting, it’s just that the monotony can be, well, […]

10 Tips to Make Flying with Your Baby a Breeze!

Here’s our strategic plan to make flying with your baby easy — or as easy as it can be! 1. Pack your diaper bag well. Include 5-6 diapers, a full box of wipes, 2 bottles (with nipples), a bag of snacks, a sippy cup (for water), a book or two, and some quiet toys. If your […]

Baby Bath Time

There are different stages of baby bath time — and we’ve got them all ready for you! Newborn Sponge Bath: At first, you’ll be giving your baby a sponge bath with warm, wet washcloths or wipes — specifically washing his face, hands, arms, feet, legs, and cute tush once a day, during a diaper change.  […]

Keeping Mom Guilt In Check!

Ask yourself these questions next time you’re drowning in some serious mom guilt: 1) Does a perfect parent exist?  Answer: NO! So stop with the perfection quest already! Focus on the time you have together and soak it up! 2) Does every mother make mistakes? Answer: YES! Whether it’s dropping your baby, bumping his head against […]