10 Tips to Make Flying with Your Baby a Breeze!

Here’s our strategic plan to make flying with your baby easy — or as easy as it can be! 1. Pack your diaper bag well. Include 5-6 diapers, a full box of wipes, 2 bottles (with nipples), a bag of snacks, a sippy cup (for water), a book or two, and some quiet toys. If your […]

Baby Bath Time

There are different stages of baby bath time — and we’ve got them all ready for you! Newborn Sponge Bath: At first, you’ll be giving your baby a sponge bath with warm, wet washcloths or wipes — specifically washing his face, hands, arms, feet, legs, and cute tush once a day, during a diaper change.  […]

Keeping Mom Guilt In Check!

Ask yourself these questions next time you’re drowning in some serious mom guilt: 1) Does a perfect parent exist?  Answer: NO! So stop with the perfection quest already! Focus on the time you have together and soak it up! 2) Does every mother make mistakes? Answer: YES! Whether it’s dropping your baby, bumping his head against […]

How to Retro-Parent Your Modern Family

They say each new generation is most like their grandparents’, but in order for our generation to resemble them at all, I think it’s time we dust off the parenting values of the “greatest generation” and teach them to our offspring now, before we accidentally raise the most needy, self-centered, and ethically-challenged kids of all […]