Happy Mother’s Day! 2017

However motherhood comes to you, it is always a miracle. We’re wishing each and every one of you the happiest Mother’s Day — filled with family peace, love, and sleep! 😉 XOXO, PPB

Create a Magical Holiday Season for Your Baby!

1. Decorate the nursery too! But just a little bit goes a long way…a wreath, a holiday sign, or even a message on the whiteboard in his nursery is sure to signal to your baby that there’s something special going on. 2. Observe old traditions and start some new ones. You’ve probably been dreaming about […]

Surviving (& Thriving!) with Your Baby this Thanksgiving

We are determined to help you experience your very best Thanksgiving with your baby this year! So we’ve compiled our 10 best tips for you and your family, here: #1: Plan the big dinner during your baby’s nap time, if you can! If you’re planning to host the dinner at your home or if you […]

Happy Hallowe’en – Two Thousand Sixte’en!

Our 13 favorite Halloween costumes for your baby this year! #1: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump #2: Bernie Sanders #3: Prince #4: The Mad Hatter #5: Wilson #6: Gumball Machine #7: Easy Ghost #8: Spaghetti Pot #9: Octopus #10: Harry Potter #11: Garden Gnome   #12: Charlie Brown #13: Sumo Wrestler