Who knew the use of baby pacifiers would become so controversial?  Strangely, it is!  And the judgy-ness you’ll encounter over it will most likely surprise you.

Here’s our take on it: unless you’re hell-bent on NOT having to pay for your child’s braces someday…who cares?  Who really ends up with naturally straight teeth anyhow?  Figuring your baby will probably need braces no matter what, if your baby can self-soothe using a pacifier, his thumb, or some other method, isn’t that what’s ultimately most important?

If you choose to use one, you’ll want to bring one with you everywhere at first because it will really help your baby calm down if you hold it in his mouth — like when he’s sick of being in his car seat, if you’re at a restaurant, or you’re in the car on a road trip.  You’ll also want to use it during the 15-Minute Rule: he’ll probably spit it out after about three minutes, but it will help him start the process of falling back to sleep.

If you want to have one (or two or three) on hand for your baby, buy one that’s BPA free, for sure.  And the one the nurses give your baby in the hospital will be the one he will totally favor and usually it’s the Phillips AVENT Soothie.

So you never lose it and always know where to find it, buy the JJ Cole Pacifier Holder.  It clips to your diaper bag, is easily washable, and is bonus-cute!  And don’t forget to buy a cute pacifier clip so the paci doesn’t always end up on the floor.