The warm days of summer are waning and soon it will be too chilly to enjoy the outdoors in the same way with your baby. So get out there together in these 5 fun ways…while you still can!

1. Go to your local farmer’s market.

It’s harvest time! And babies think any activity involving food and folks is sweet. It’s great to support your local farmers and the bonus is you can stock up on veggies and fruits to make purees at home for your little eater — you can even freeze batches for the fall! Find local farmer’s markets near you here:

Our post on Starting Solids Successfully post gives you tips on what you’ll need for your baby’s feasting.

Starting-Solids (2)

2. Check out your state’s fair!

It’s most likely time in your state to have its fair and your baby’s going to LOVE the sites, sounds, smells, and tastes that it will surely offer. Google your state fair and get out there for major baby fun!

3. Go for a nature walk.

Decide you’re going to explore the outdoors — even if that means you take your baby to your backyard! Pointing out flowers, trees, and bugs can be very exciting for her. And it’s good for you to get out in the sunshine too. Just decide whether you’ll use a carrier or an outdoor jogger/stroller. We love the Baby Bjorn Original Spirit Baby Carrier and the Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller!

Our Baby Travel Gear post will also prepare you for an outdoor adventure with your baby:


4. Go berry picking.

And then make jam and can it with your findings! It’s will become a memory filled with sensory experiences for your little one. Nothing smells or tastes better than fresh fruit in season. And you get to take the adventure home!

This website will help you find a place to pick near you:

5. Get in the water!

Whether it’s the beach, the lake, the pool, or even a little blow-up pool in your own back yard…get your babe in the drink while it’s still hot enough to be enjoyable! Just think: it’ll soon be too chilly to partake and you’ll really miss the water days when they’re gone.


And it’s really not too late to give your baby a little bit of a retro summer:

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