Take a gander at these swell 40’s baby names…

Baby Girl Names:

1. Greer

Meaning: Guardian; Origin: Irish

2. Myrna

Meaning: High-spirtited; Origin: Scottish

3. Hattie

Meaning: Home Ruler; Origin: English

4. Hedy

Meaning: Battle, War; Origin: English

5. Jean

Meaning: God is Gracious; Origin: English

6. Irene

Meaning: Peace; Origin: Greek

7. Rosalind

Meaning: Pretty Rose; Origin: English

8. Marlene

Meaning: Combination of Mary and Magdalen; Origin: German

9. Judy

Meaning: From Judea; Origin: Hebrew

10. Lena

Meaning: Woman of Magdala; Origin: Hebrew

Baby Boy Names:

1. Porter

Meaning: Door Keeper; Origin: English

2. Brennan

Meaning: Tear, Sorrow; Origin: Irish

3. Trevor

Meaning: From the Big Settlement; Origin: Welsh

4. Oliver

Meaning: Elf Army; Origin: Irish

5. Carson

Meaning: Son of Marsh-Dwellers; Origin: Irish/Scottish

6. Barry

Meaning: Spear; Origin: Irish

7. Herbert (Herbie)

Meaning: Famous Army; Origin: English

8. Felix

Meaning: Fortunate and Prosperous; Origin: Latin

9. Stanley

Meaning: From the Stony Field; Origin: English

10. Edmund

Meaning: Fortunate Protector; Origin: English


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